Synchronite, the successor to SageLink Professional - allows fast, reliable network synchronisation between FileMaker Pro and market leading accounts packages, allowing you to synchronise sales, purchase, control, journal and invoice data.

Users and developers can now take full advantage of the powerful relational database features of FileMaker for data entry, manipulation and reporting whilst maintaining security, control and flexibility with market leading accounting suites.

Synchronite gives you all these features without the need for re-entering data in both systems, reducing time and improving data reliability and consistency. Synchronite allows users to take full advantage of the cross platform functionality of FileMaker Pro allowing accounts data to be synchronised from Mac OS X and above.

The most popular accounting suite for small business in the UK. Manages your day-to-day finances, VAT returns, year-end accounts and much more.
Advanced accounting for small to medium-sized businesses. Includes multiple currency accounting, Quickly process payroll, sales and purchases and manages VAT.
The award-winning ease of use that is built into every aspect of FileMaker Pro continues to be praised by millions of customers and industry experts around the world.
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"They combine business, accounting and development skills that are much needed but sadly rare in the market today."
Tony Speakman
FileMaker International Ltd.

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"Now our entire hire process is automated and ultra streamlined"
Nick Long
Salon Ltd.

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"DuroData's support is excellent, as is their training and manuals. The quite considerable savings in manpower enabled them to offset the initial setup costs relatively Quickly."
Victor Gentinetta
MF Software Solutions
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